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Namko Recruitment Intelligence is on a mission to help our clients within the Life Sciences sector build world-class sales teams, whilst reducing the financial and time cost associated with archaic recruitment processes that have not evolved since the 1980's.


We bring our clients unrivalled candidate intelligence that empowers them to make very informed hiring decisions. - whilst saving them up to 75% in recruitment costs.

By leveraging proven data science, cutting-edge technology, human interactions and efficient processes, we are able to help our clients save time, money and to improve employee retention to up to 96% in year one.

We are focused on helping growth-orientated businesses to build world-class enterprise sales teams globally.  Based in London, we have a global candidate network and clients in the U.S, Europe and Asia.  Namko is the go-to partner within the Life Sciences, Healthcare, SaaS, Biotechnology, MedTech, Chemistry, Biology, CRO, Clinical Trial, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Matt Cummins Namko Recruitment

Matt Cummins

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Noemie Jacquemin Namko Recruitment

Noemie Jacquemin Co-Founder 

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